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Oh the pajamas he must have and this grand collection he has got.

Must have taken him forever to collect, 

all those stripes and polka dots,

and stars and hearts with darts and yellow smiley faces,

sun flowers and unicorns with wings,

and race cars driving races,

from puppy dogs and bright green frogs

to turtles with worms eating crackers,

and silly ducks playing with hockey pucs, 

and soft flannel felt pjs with red lip smackers.

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Pajama Jones

Pajama Jones is a poetic and imaginative Childrens story about a young man and his unique sense of fashion and style. He encourages us all to look beyond the surface of a person and see the beaming character that lies within them. Pajama Jones is a role model for us all!

Juanita A. Bompart

Juanita Bompart is a children’s storybook author, and novelist.

Juanita A. Bompart is a recording artist and homeschooling mother of five. She has a passion for reading, writing and children’s literature. Creating music comes naturally to her and her large family so you will often find that she incorporates rhythm and rhyme in her stories. Juanita Bompart is deeply interested in the educational and moral development of young minds. She enjoys mentoring young girls, speaking at conferences and workshops. Currently, she, her husband and their children reside in Sunny South Florida, all of them reading, writing and making music!

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